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"Japanese style home decoration"

“Japanese style home decoration”

Mirai House is the name of a house project that looks superficially like a house in Japan, but not. Because here it was built in Da Nang city Vietnam. It is design by a group of architects. Who have traveled to study and work in Japan for many

"Narrow house with beautiful garden"

“Narrow house with beautiful garden”

Modern Tropical House Beautiful homes in different definitions. For some people, some beautiful materials may not be required. Just a simple brick that can be use as an idea to make the house a focus. For example, this house is characterize by its sharp design and dark color

Light & Love, a "minimalist home"

Light & Love, a “minimalist home”

Modern minimalist style house In recent years, simple and comfortable décor styles have become more and more popular, perhaps due to the comfort of the eyes. Color of nature And the gentle texture of the wood that enhances the living aesthetic. For this house, a minimalist concept is