5 tips for organizing home office lighting Encourage work to be better

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When you work at home home office, the appearance and quality of workspace lighting can help increase your productivity. Poor office lighting will only decrease your energy. This can lead to bad mood, eye strain and headache, which affect your ability to work.

If you don’t have enough natural light Artificial lighting is also important. Many home offices are not really designed for sedentary work like our offices or offices. And here are some tips for organizing home office lighting that help us overcome problems and obstacles in various tasks.

Let the light shine indirectly

Avoid working under direct glare from overhead lights. Look for ways to diffuse ambient light that will illuminate your workspace. In addition, avoid light sources that create reflections. or make a shadow

create light

For computer work, paperwork, and other focus-intensive tasks. Choose a well-defined light source specifically for what you’re focusing on. adjustable table lamp Or a lamp can give the light exactly where you want it. and supports a variety of tasks

Eliminate glare and shadows

Always consider where your light comes from. Where is the light source behind you while you work on your computer? The emphasis is on not to let that light create annoying reflections on your monitor. In addition, consider the position of the shadow. for example while you are writing a book Your hands and arms can cast shadows if the lights are placed on the right-hand side. And the location of the window should be considered in addition.

Use natural light

Don’t overlook the benefits of natural light coming from windows. Skylights. Sunlight can create a warm glow that improves the work environment. And vice versa, you may need to be mindful of direct sunlight that creates glare at certain times of the day.

Consider using office lighting fixtures

As said, most home offices tend to have diffused lighting. And task lighting that focuses on the workspace may be enhanced with decorative lighting to enhance the look of the home office, such as shelf lights or photo lights. Draw attention to other objects or elements in the room.