6 important points to understand Feng Shui

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Learn the science of feng shui Correctly understood, not ignorant

There must be a reason for good understand Feng Shui. This principle is the heart of any home idea. Bring information about Feng Shui to be publish on the website. To want the reader to know the reason to come to the right because the essence of the science of Feng Shui. It’s the science of truth Based on the principles of nature applied in accordance with the habitats. Able to prove the reasons But now, feng shui turns out to be more of a belief than a reason. This is the cause of debate often. Therefore, the study of good feng shui. Should give knowledge of the origins and reasons Certainly better than faith.

1. Geography is different understand Feng Shui is different 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese textbook. The inventor of the textbook focuses on applying Feng Shui principles to the area of ​​China By referring to the direction of wind, sunlight, as well as overall geography, including mountains, land, water sources, but nowadays, Feng Shui science is widely used throughout the world. Users who do not live in China are require to apply accordingly. Look at the core of feng shui science. Because if the theory is put forward to use directly Will not be able to do Because of the factors of different locations

2. Different usage characteristics Different feng shui

There are many types of habitats. Some of you build houses. For living Some of you build it as an office, resort, hotel, factory, warehouse, shopping center, each format will give different importance. Science of Feng Shui can not be use together all. For example, Feng Shui is the location of the three price points. If it is a common house, it will be consider bad But if the trade Some positions of Sam Phraeng Road help to achieve better results.

3. Different lifestyles Feng Shui is different

 Rules, society, culture, way of life in each community Are completely different When applying feng shui principles, it is necessary to look back at the lifestyle in that community as a common element. The narrow land with wide bottoms is good. That is because in the past, China’s taxation system was primarily view primarily on the width of land. If the plot of land is very wide The more you pay the more taxes Which if the said land has a narrow bottom Indeed, it is a waste of tax benefits, on the other hand, whose land width is narrower and less taxed Even though the interior is very wide Such examples cannot be used in conjunction with other countries. Because the tax system is different But should apply the essence of feng shui instead Which is the principle of wind and water And if the wind principle is taken into account the land plot Wide land, narrow bottom Instead, it receives better wind energy than land with a narrow mouth and wide bottom as well.

4. Feng Shui and Feelings 

Even with how good feng shui is But if the residents do not feel like The result can be psychologically negative. On the other hand, even according to Feng Shui texts that say Such a model is not good. But the residents liked it Residents can feel the energy of living well. Good feng shui must be viewed individually. See as the case Theories can be taken as fundamental principles. But will not be able to tell in depth that detail Will be suitable for such places or not

5. Limitations of Feng Shui

The science of Feng Shui is quite subtle. Some homes have certain needs that cannot meet the feng shui rules, such as very small houses. Internal planning is difficult. Some necessities make it impossible to follow feng shui. Need to be based on the principle of sufficient living But this does not mean that Feng Shui cannot be followed at all. Do as much as possible, such as tidying up the house. Always clean Have adequate lighting It is a basic necessity that will help make the house nice and good for Feng Shui.

6. Ask for a reason

The science of Feng Shui has been passed down for a long time. Is a science based on the principles of science Climate Principles of nature, earth, water, wind, fire. Many texts often use trick instead of direct telling. As the days passed by many eras As a result, the facts were also lost. Therefore leaving only the beliefs that have been passed down Adopting the principles of Feng Shui in the correct way It is that reason Therefore should find a reason why it is prohibited Why is it recommended? It will help the residents to understand the principles of Feng Shui even more.

Feng Shui is a very good science. Science that can be used in conjunction with living. Both interior work Architecture, construction, or even feng shui trading plays an important role. But nowadays, feng shui science people apply according to belief rather than truth. The idea house itself sincerely hopes that This series of articles will help motivate people who are interested in Feng Shui. We have studied logically, focusing on finding the origin of the teachings. For proper application and use Because if we do not know the origin of the reason May lead to the aforementioned feng shui principles as well.