Arrange the bedroom according to Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Bedroom

Bedroom arrangement techniques Correct feng shui bedroom principles

Feng Shui Bedroom. If comparing different rooms in the house, the bedroom is considered the most important room. Because sleep is essential to life And being Also the bedroom It also gives a feeling of relaxation in privacy. Regardless of the style of living Inevitably, the bedroom is always an important component for today. So that all of you Can be easily applied.

1. The bedroom door should not be next to the bathroom door. Because it affects mental health and physical health, causing residents It causes distress easily.

2. The bedroom should not be attached to the kitchen. Especially the Thai kitchen Due to cooking Often emits a pungent smell. The smoke will fly directly into the bedroom. Which will become a reservoir of pathogens Resulting in the residents Unhealthy, easily sick

3. If there are many bedrooms in the house The owner of the house should be in the master bedroom. Located in the east Or in the middle of the house Because it will make people in the house feel the warmth More harmonious

4. The door to the bedroom should not be in the position of the stairs. Because I believe Will easily cause suffering Which also negatively affects mental and physical health

5. In case of having a partner The bedroom should be located in the west side of the house. And turned his head to the east So that the soul mate can live happily together

Science of feng shui It is a science that refers to the elements and directions of the sun, focusing mainly on comfortable living. Because if Feng Shui is not good Often affects mental health, ufabet thai, poor physical health, followed by that.