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Which type of room is already good and happy

Usually, choosing to buy a house according to Feng Shui principles The first thing that needs special consideration is the Feng Shui analysis of Chaiyaphum. Or choosing a location that brings luck that results in the residents prosperity If it is a housing estate, choose Chaiyaphum, the location of that project first, and then analyze the location of the house Chaiyaphum. Because each unit and each plot would have different feng shui results.

For condominium, the principle is similar to choosing a house. By choosing the best condo located on Chaiyaphum Then analyze the position of the room that is good for Feng Shui in the next order. In this series of content, we brings techniques for choosing a condo room that have a good effect on Feng Shui for readers to study and apply in choosing a condominium.

1. Choose a floor that is completely free from obstructions.

If it is to buy a house The front direction of the house is the main direction in feng shui analysis. The front of the house must be airy. There is nothing to obstruct, obscuring, but if it is a condominium The main direction used for feng shui analysis is the balcony of the room. Due to the balcony of the condo room It is an opening that can receive energy better than the door of the room. The balcony is therefore the front of the house of the condominium.

A good balcony must not have any building or obstacles obscuring it. For example, if it is a condo on the BTS Should choose the floor above the rail level. If it is a condo in the city, there must be no other tall buildings to obscure it in the near term. If it is a resort condominium Must not have tall columns or pointed structures that match the room. And should choose a room with a panoramic view The more if it is wide in the panorama level, the better.

2. Select the location of the condo room. Near the elevator hall

It is a false belief that rooms near the elevator are bad. In fact, the room near the elevator has a very good flow. But if close in the way The current will be too strong, resulting in the residents lacking peace. Not suitable for living To balance the living Should choose a room near the elevator. Not too close or stuck And if it is a condominium that divides several rooms on each floor Avoid the room that is far from the elevator. Because it will cause a stained corner

The position of the room is good. After exiting the elevator, we can clearly see the door of the room. It could be a room 2 – 4, which should also be considered from the corridor size. The more narrow the walkway, the more you have to find a nearby room, but if the corridor is open and wide Can also choose a room that is farther away

3. Select a corner condo

If each floor has not many room divisions A short walk from the elevator. The corner unit is the prime location of the condominium. Because the corner room can be exposed to energy in many directions Help renewable energy thoroughly If there is a corner room as an option Despite having a higher price than general rooms I can assure you that the purchase is definitely worthwhile.

4. Choose a condo room that has the air in

For ready-built condominiums for sale It will allow more accurate room selection. Recommend the reader to stand outside the balcony. If you can feel that the wind blows in, it is considered that Feng Shui is more than 50% good, because the meaning of Feng Shui is that the wind is responsible for bringing energy, and Shui is that water is responsible for storing energy. Having the energy of wind coming in is equal to having a good Huang. The water can be added later.

For the terrain of Thailand is close to the equator. The direction that receives good wind is southwest. A room that receives good breezes most of the year. Most of them will be in the same direction. But the disadvantage of the southwest Is the hot sun Therefore not suitable for condo rooms that do not have a balcony Because there will be no part to obscure the sunlight However, the direction of the wind may vary depending on the area, for example, the southwest is obscured by other buildings. Resulting in unable to receive air flow The clear direction has no obstacles according to item 1, so it can receive energy better.

5. Choose a room plan that is good for feng shui

In addition to the location of the room Within the room, it is no less important than the other. Points that need to be considered especially are the ones that are difficult to modify later. That is, the room layout that the project has designed. By considering the following basic guidelines

  • Bed head position Must not match the bathroom door or any door.
  • Headboard wall Along the width of the bed must have a solid cover.
  • The main door has been opened. You should not see the bedroom immediately. In which the room layout should be avoided from the main corridor But if the room is very small, like the Studio room, it is recommended to block the wall or make a built-in cabinet, shelves to camouflage

The story of Feng Shui It is not that complicated. It is just a story of natural balance that should be studied. All of the above are proven scientifically. If choosing a room that feng shui is good Living would be good according to When the beginning of life is of good quality to do business or any business would be good as well. It is at this point that the ufabet life of the residents is rapidly growing. In the next section, we will delve into the details.