Feng Shui Bathroom, is it true?

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Which way to turn the toilet?

The saying that the bathroom is facing the same direction as the front of the house Or the front door is really not auspicious or not Immediately answered that It’s true. But t’s true in the past and is only true of China. First of all, the reader must understand that Feng Shui is a science that comes from China. Each point of Feng Shui references the context of life. Climate Topography of china Some feng shui stories can be used immediately. But some feng shui needs to be applied in the context of that country.

Chinese bathrooms in the past Including in the present day that is still used in the original Design for revealing appearance Some places do not have a door to block. Or some bathrooms have doors that are just waist-high If the bathroom location is at the front door When someone walks into the ufabet house, it doesn’t feel very good, and it’s even worse if someone is running errands.

For Thailand, especially today 

The design of the bathroom is completely enclosed, proportional to the position of the toilet so it can be turned to any direction. Let’s just position it to suit the size of the room. Place must be able to walk in and out easily. Does not block the walkway But be careful about the placement of the toilet next to the bedroom wall. This can cause moisture and noise when a couple or a family member sleeping together is sleeping.

For flushing in the toilet on the upper floor 

It should not be placed in a position that is frequently used by people on the ground floor, for example, it should not be positioned in the living area, reception area, dining zone As in some houses, the sound of the toilet can be heard on the ground floor. If there are other members or visitors sitting downstairs While the people upstairs use the toilet, it doesn’t seem very appropriate.

Good toilet position

Before mentioning the toilet position Let’s introduce the location of the bathroom first. If possible, a good bathroom position should be placed on the outside wall of the house. In order to be able to open the vents. Let the sunlight reach Sunlight kills germs and prevents mold. As a result, the bathroom is more hygienic. For a good toilet position. The zone should be separated from the shower room so that the wet and dry zone can be clearly separated. Allows you to take care of the cleanliness with minimal effort.

Combined bathroom design

Before the end of the content Design an example of a shared bathroom. In the case of houses that use shared bathrooms If two or more members use together, they are likely to get stuck in the morning. Which often encounter problems with simultaneous use Especially when someone is taking a shower If the bathroom is equipped with all the equipment in one room Other members will not be able to use it. It is recommended to design two separate bathrooms in the interior where the shower room and toilet are separated. This design approach will help solve the problem of using the bathroom at the same time as well.