Feng Shui Bedroom 10 Rules Correct

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Bedroom decoration According to Feng Shui principles

Hello, update the story of Continuous feng shui Because of the idea home team I was asked how to set the bed in the room, what angle should be set, in the bedroom, it can be counted as the most important room. Because generally each day We tend to spend 35-50% of our time in the bedroom per day. Some people may spend the rest of the day on vacation in the bedroom. Including in the ufabet online age Most people have a relatively high personal world. Adjacent to the bedroom more than in the past, so we should pay more attention to it. It is more special than other rooms as well.

10 rules should be made to feng shui for the bedroom

Bed position in the bedroom It is the core of the bedroom. If not set in the right position It can affect health Since the human body has a force field created by circulating within the body. If it is in the right position while sleeping, the energy field will turn around smoothly. Equilibrium with the Earth’s magnetic field. By the right position. According to Chinese Feng Shui Is as follows

1. Avoid setting the bed upright with the door

Because it makes it easy for outsiders to see May interfere with privacy It affects the rest and the door is also a way of wind power. When the bed is directly on the path through the wind The body would be totally affected Therefore not very good for the health of the residents

“Some texts still say Which part of the body coincides with the door? Notice that These organs often get sick. “

2. Avoid setting the head of the bed near the door

Because if someone accidentally passes by Or open the door May make your relaxation stumble Not resting Because it can be easily frightened

3. Bed should be placed in the north-south line

According to that science The north-south orientation of the bed is in response to the gravity of the Earth. Causing the blood to circulate in accordance with gravity Resulting in the residents Sleep easily Sleep well And of course it is good for health as well.

4. Avoid placing the bed under the beam

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui texts, it is said that the bed under the beam. Cause pressure Affect health, especially in the head area May result in a headache like something is rubbing on. May easily result in falling ill

5. Avoid hanging accessories. On the head of the bed 

Hanging items such as lamps, fans, picture frames, air conditioners, etc. should not be placed on the headboard. This caused the same pressure as placing the bed under the beam. Resulting in the sleeper Easily falls ill, poor health, insomnia

6. Avoid placing a mirror in front of the bed

May cause the sleeper to be depressed, weak and sleepless.

7. Avoid placing the bed on the bathroom door

If the bedroom door is on the bed Makes moisture can easily affect the body. When the body is exposed to moisture Causing illness, discomfort, and unhealthy health, and if you have to go to the bathroom May make the sleeper You can not sleep well as well.

8. Avoid leaving the head of the bed open

The head of the bed is a stability according to the ancient Chinese Feng Shui saying that facing the head of the bed against the wall. Is to create stability But if the head of the bed is empty May make residents Instability And if the head of the bed is facing against the post, it means that the bed is only half against the wall. It is also not a good position according to Feng Shui principles as well.

9. Avoid placing sacred objects at the foot of the bed

As this is a serious disrespect for the sacred.

10. Avoid placing the bed under the stairs, 

According to Feng Shui principles of placing the bed under the stairs. It is no different from being under the beam. It has the same effect as being under the beam, and also has a disturbance effect. When others pass the stairs May result in the sleeper living Rest not completely It may also cause dust to spread onto the bed. Make residents Unhealthy Easily cause allergy symptoms

Bed positioning summary To be correct according to the ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles that pay close attention to the physical health of the residents. If placed in the correct position Will result in the residents having good physical and mental health Fully rested Good rest Inevitably affects the good life conditions If we observe easily, any day when we are well rested, sleep well, wake up, the next day we will be in good mental health. Ready to go with every situation, how good would it be, if so, every day. Just as much If you want any other matters.