“Feng Shui Door of the House”

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Arrange the area at the entrance to the house the good entrance is more than half the victory

Feng Shui Door, the door is the most important aspect of getting good things into your home. It is the part that residents have to use and have to walk through often. Usually, the masters place more emphasis on the door than any part, which has a combination of elements from the fence. Walkway Front yard area For this set of content is an introduction to the simple Feng Shui arrangement of the door Read it and you can follow it immediately. How will it be detailed? Read on.

7 things to know about Feng Shui of doors

1. Starting from the fence 

A good fence should be an airy fence, not dull, a simple way to check whether the fence at our home is airy or dense. Try to calculate it visually to see that Is there a block over 50% or not? If not more than a clear fence A good house fence must be a fence where the wind can easily bring energy into the house. However, when the fence is solid but low as in the illustration above It is a clear fence. Correct feng shui principles

2. The front of the house is wide open

The area at the front of the house is considered to be a rest area including energy Should always clear the area to look open. Should not bring things to get in the way By looking at the entire area, starting from the fence to the main door of the house. There should be no trees to crush or any objects in front of the door. If you want to plant a big tree to provide shade. Should choose to plant indented the main door. To provide a convenient energy channel for entry

3. Forbidden Location

The location of the front door. It is another very important thing to live. A good position will bring positive energy into the home. Poor position, positive energy may be difficult to enter, or negative energy may replace it. Which will have the forbidden positions as follows

  • It should not be positioned opposite to the neighbor’s door in front of our house. As it often results in collisions. Residents feel a sense of privacy, restlessness, inevitable cases or wrong design from the beginning. May add to the porch in front of the house So as to become obscure to each other Terrace is also a good energy storage unit. But it is necessary to mainly look at the design and area of ​​the house Because some houses may not be suitable for such an extension
  • Should not position the door with the electric pole. Since light poles are classified as negative energy Which resulted in bad consequences for the residents
  • Should not provide the position of the door of the house. Match the front door. Due to the energy being produced in the form of plunging into the house Which is considered too strong energy

4. The door of the house is large, wide, good feng shui

Comes to the door of the house A good home should have a large, wide, and airy door that feels grand. In order to provide positive energy into the house well, sure enough For some houses may wonder if Where is the main door? Let the readers observe their home which door they use the most, count that door as the main door. It doesn’t matter whether the door is on the front or on the side of the house. Which door is actually used regularly? That door is the main door of the house.

5. Always open the door

even after completing all 4 points. If the door is not open to air, it may not be any different from a clogged wall. Therefore must be an open door Open to the air often. But in Thailand, mosquitoes are quite abundant. Readers may choose to install another screen. To allow air to circulate while preventing mosquitoes in it.

6. The area behind the door : a good feng shui door 

When the door is opened. The interior of the house behind the main door of the house. Should be an open space as well There should be no objects blocking the path. Because it will block energy In addition, things are placed in the door position. Can also easily result in accidents as well Because it is a walking path that sometimes residents may not be careful In case of using at night Pathways should be equipped with a walkway light or door position lamp. At present, there is a light sensor to illuminate the outlet. Readers may purchase additional installations on the wall. The sensor system detects movement. Automatically turn on the lights for us when passing by. And automatically turns off when there is no movement Help to be convenient in the night.”]