Feng Shui Kitchen, Stove, Where Do Not Place

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Feng Shui Kitchen

Where to place the firebox According to Feng Shui principles

Eating is one of the most essential activities in life. Therefore, each house may not lack a kitchen. In feng shui, the kitchen is a room that should be of particular importance. It is a room that represents health. The abundance of inhabitants Therefore need to design Arrange various positions to create a balance on the principles of behavior of use and the principle of five elements The point that is most at risk of feng shui mistakes is the location of the firebox. Which may be considered the most important position of Feng Shui that the kitchen is because if there is no stove A variety of food menus could not happen completely. In this series, we takes you to understand the placement. Stove according to simple Feng Shui principles , the reader can apply it immediately.

1. Do not place the stove in the upper bed position

Many people understand that The kitchen position should not be the same as the bedroom upstairs. Which is the correct understanding But it may not be entirely correct. Because according to the true feng shui principles Allow the kitchen to match the bedroom. Just have to make sure that The stove position and the bed position, both of these should not be in the same position.

If you look at this issue from the scientific perspective The heat will always rise to a high place. The presence of a stove that provides heat in the bed position. Would certainly not be good for the health of the residents.  The solution is to  simply move the stove in a different location that does not match the bed position. Or may move the bed in a suitable position

2. Do not place the stove in the toilet position

In this point, close to number 1, most people get it right. Upstairs bathroom Should not match the kitchen downstairs. But that is just a stereotypical word of mouth that is easy to understand and remember. An important point in feng shui will focus on only the position of the toilet and the stove that should not match if the two are not. The bathroom and the kitchen can match.

How to fix the stove to the appropriate location. Because moving the toilet is difficult and expensive. Moving the stove is much easier and more convenient.

3. Do not place the stove opposite the sink

In feng shui, it is based on the science of equilibrium by nature. With all 5 elements as the element, the stove is like the fire sink element, the water element, both of these elements are different polar elements If they are opposite each other, it may cause a collision with each other, a stove and a sink or a water bath. Therefore they should not be in the opposite direction or too close to each other. And if looking at this issue in actual use Sometimes my husband is cooking in front of the stove. His wife was washing the utensil. Wash ingredients for cooking If the position collides in a narrow space, it is inconvenient to work and can cause an accident or a fight.

Best method The stove should be placed in a position opposite the sink. Or if it is an L-shaped kitchen, place them on different sides In the case of small kitchens, they may need to be placed close to each other. In this case, the distance should be at least 80-100 centimeters.

4. Do not place the stove on the door

Door in here Refers to the door that connects directly to the kitchen. It could be a kitchen door or a back door that connects to the kitchen. But not combined with other unaffected goals How to place the firebox on the door Will be a principle similar to the way 3 junctions, which are directed May cause harm to residents. And if looking at the principle of actual use While cooking If someone opens the door without being careful It could easily cause an accident.

In addition to the accident, the position of the door is where the air flows in. The flames against the wind Will be easily extinguished or given uneven heat Therefore should be moved indent to the door Or avoiding the corner a bit, it would be better

5. The stove should not be placed in the middle of the room

Modern people’s values, especially Europeans Has designed a counter for setting the stove in the middle of the kitchen The position gives it a modern, beautiful, modern look, but that’s not a good feng shui position. Resulting in a lack of stability in Feng Shui A good stove should be placed on a solid wall with a backsplash designed with a material that can easily wipe off the stains from cooking.

Disadvantages of having a fireplace in the middle of the room May not need to look according to Feng Shui principles. But consider making Asian dishes Which is a menu that causes a splash of oil And the smell of food that diffuses Putting the stove in the middle of the room will be difficult to handle. That might instantly mess up the entire beautiful kitchen. Having a stove in the middle of the room is therefore suitable only in a kitchen studio that needs a cooking demonstration rather than a kitchen used in general households.

An example of placing a fireplace

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