Feng Shui Tips Things to keep in mind when moving into a new home

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Feng Shui Tips Moving into a new place, whether it is a house, an apartment is many. People would feel that it was a new beginning. So there are things to organize to bring luck and happiness. And here are some tips to keep in mind.
and organize. Feng Shui Tips When moving into a new home.

1. The entrance to the house

The entrance to the front of the house is where the Qi energy enters and exits. So keep it organize because it’s the point. It can cause obstacles if you neglect your front door.

2. Opening windows and doors
for homes according to feng shui science, windows are eyes to the outside world. You can see the world outside by opening the windows and doors, which gives the house some fresh air. which is good for the flow of energy in the house

3. Clearing old energy
Moving into a new home, cleaning your new home is important and useful. Because it was to free up space for chi energy. So cleaning the house is to clear the old energy by burning some plant materials.

4.Thanks to the new house
When you arrive at your new home. Take a moment to announce yourself. and express gratitude to that house consider every aspect of that house for This is one of the traditions of moving to a new house.

5. Take care of the placenta
things that make feng shui bad. and indicates that you will not be able to start anything new because your house is full of things. Which if you have moved to a new home It is an opportunity to receive new gifts and blessings. come into life

6. Take care of the kitchen and bedroom
according to Feng Shui principles. There should be no free space above the kitchen cabinets. Because it only absorbs dirt and dust that dissipate bad energy.

As for the bedroom, make sure your bed is in the leading position according to Feng Shui rules at home. This means that you are facing the door in the room but not in front of your door.

7. Using plants as feng shui to suit the new home.
The succulent plant is one of the best known plants in feng shui terms. and use it in fertility to get the most out of this tree. Place the succulent plant on the southwest side of the house which will help with wealth.