“4 Kitchen counter designs Wall mounted”

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Wall mounted kitchen

Beautiful kitchen for townhome, tidy, does not take up space

For people who love to cook and love to join the kitchen, having a beautiful kitchen and convenient use is one of their dreams in life. Because good kitchen That is suitable for the existing space. Will help you feel happy Have more enjoyment while cooking Which is the main path for the taste. And appearance of food ever For in this series of articles We recommend the kitchen with a single wall. Ideal for houses with limited space, such as townhouses, townhouses, saving space. And make it look airy as well.

Type 1 Urban Chic Bright colors combined   with modern design. Comes with complete functions Cooking at every meal Therefore full of fun Which perfectly responds to the needs of the new generation who like to cook.

Type 2 Vintage Style  A subtle scent of retro style. Perfectly blends real wood withbright toned tones. Light, airy, light and comfortable. Opaque and clear doors. Easy to use handle There are enough compartments for storing equipment and belongings.

Type 3: Contemporary Touch,   beautiful and classic in warm colors With dark wood doors contrasting withfrosted glass Raised front That can be enabled at multiple levels

Type 4 Nature Luxe   designs, colors and patterns that are in harmony with nature. Make the kitchen look more relaxed Increase usable space with a storage compartment That can be either prepared Food and dining table in theoffice.