5 “living room” styles with the matching sofa set

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Changing the sofa to change the atmosphere of the living room

A cozy  corner living room where family members share the most. Both to relax and take a rest when returning home It is the center of sitting, talking, watching TV, eating snacks, and some of the houses may also be use for welcoming visitors. This room is like the face of a house that must always look good and tidy. The design should focus on airiness. Well ventilated Along with the decoration to look beautiful and attractive

The heart of the living room decor lies in the sofa as the backbone of the room, helping to direct the color and style of the room. If choosing a good quality sofa Appliances and other decorations will instantly look more beautiful and valuable. This series of content would like to introduce 5 ways to decorate different styles of living rooms that will help answer the identity of the homeowner from SB Design Square.

Loft style living room

Loft living rooms or similar styles, such as industrial that emphasize the “truth of material”, suitable for loose furniture. That is simple and cool, emphasizing the naturalness of the material without much decoration. If it is best suited for this style. It is inevitable that a genuine leather sofa in brown or black tones. Which gives both the coolness Warm and classy at the same time. Decorate with wooden furniture, iron or cover with wool carpet look perfect together.

Natural mood living room

The focus of the natural mood living room is the lively light and the outdoor landscape. The design of the room should have a large light opening to make it feel airy. Get a natural view or garden view around the house closely. The sofa that is suitable for this style room should have a relaxing feeling, for example. White, gray fabric sofa, add natural pattern cushions or knit pillows, giving you a light and comfortable feel.

Sweet style living room

The color of the room can change the overall picture of the home well. Because each color tone will give you a different feeling and atmosphere in the room. It affects the mood of the residents in different ways. For the owner who wants sweetness Just change the wall color to a pastel tone like pink. Along with choosing a sofa with a pattern fabric that gives a soft touch. Decorate with mustard blue, gray and yellow cushions. Now, the old living room has become more gentle and fun.

Scandinavian style living room

If you think of warmth and comfort, you have to think of the Scandinavian style as the top, as this style emphasizes the light that makes the room look warm. Pure white tones Furniture made of cloth And modern style wood, simple geometry, not much complexity, just place a table, a fresh colored sofa on the floor colored rug Makes the whole room look full and bright immediately

Modern style living room

The smoothness of the lines is at the heart of the modern living room. The color scheme used in this style is white and black. Gives a feeling of stillness but with details The style of furniture and decorations that are used will wheel the feeling together. But it should not be too harsh, such as a clay pot. Ceramic pots That gives a touch of nature Place a leather sofa in dark gray, soft, bold, or a simple, not bulky color scheme. Will make the living room stand out from the background.