5 Things to look at the “sofa” in the showroom

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What type of sofa is suitable for the room, it is suitable for us

The living room and Thai way of life are indispensable from the past to the present. A living room for some homes may be a room dedicated to relaxation. But the living room for many homes can be a TV room. Living room or multipurpose room. Which could be called the center of relaxation of the home It’s the family’s center area.

What is indispensable in today’s living room is finding your favorite sofa to fit in with the room. Each room and each house have different functionality. In this series, we invites you readers to check the list of needs. In order to use as a homework that should be prepared before traveling to choose to buy in the showroom.

What kind of sofa is good to place?

There are generally two main types of sofa placement, wall-mounted and floating , each suitable for different rooms. For a small living room Limited space Recommended to be placed next to the wall in the corner. It will save space and help the room look wider. But if there is enough space, it can be placed next to the wall in the desired position So that the area next to the lamp can be placed Or a side table perfectly

As for placing a floating sofa Will be suitable only for rooms with a special width Or a room designed in the Open Plan style, this type of room will have a function to be used in conjunction with other rooms, with the back against the sofa as a partition in the living room. Behind the sofa may be a dining table, a work table or any other area of ​​use. It is important to leave a passage between 60-90 centimeters behind the sofa for ease of use.

Measure the size to be sure

When the location of the sofa is clearly Bring a tape measure to measure the size in the placement. By measuring, allow for approximately 5-10 cm on each side. In order to be able to fit even more perfectly, for example, the area is 2.4 meters wide, the selected sofa should be 1.8-2.2 meters wide and should look at the overall room. If the room is very small It is essential to choose a small sofa. Otherwise the room will look uncomfortable. Tightly packed with sofas But if the room is open and wide, there will be more freedom to choose than a narrow room.

In addition to the room size The size of the user is also important. If the members of the house are tall and tall It is necessary to choose a sofa with depth. In order to be able to sit fully Otherwise, pain may occur when sitting for a long time, and if at best. The day I went to buy a sofa in my showroom. The member with the largest body in the house Should be the person who sat by himself

Fabric sofa VS leather sofa

When deciding to buy a sofa Most readers will think and think that Is it good to buy a leather or fabric sofa? First of all, I want you to explore the living room at home. If the room has air conditioning Will choose a fabric or leather sofa It depends on your preferences. But if the living room does not have air conditioning, we recommend you to wave goodbye to the leather sofa immediately. That’s because the leather sofa focuses on giving a warm feeling. Therefore suitable for a cool room, while the fabric sofa is cooler Therefore accommodating both fan and air-conditioned rooms

But if any home has air conditioning, you can choose according to your preferences, because these 2 materials There are different pros and cons. Fabric work is usually twice the price. Gives you a cool feeling Some models can be removed and washed. Or cleaning by vacuuming The service life of the fabric is less than that of leather. But if the sofa frame is still good Able to order a new fabric cover at a relatively inexpensive price. The main disadvantage of the fabric sofa is that it collects dust, so it is not suitable for homes where members are allergic.

As for the leather sofa in this content, I would like to mention only the genuine leather. Genuine leather sofas are usually 2-3 times more expensive than fabric sofas, but they are well worth the investment. Because if taking good care of it, the service life will be very long. Use to endure the generations of children and grandchildren. Can be easily checked and cleaned Does not collect dust Another specialty of the leather sofa, the longer it is used, the more it shows its uniqueness, beauty, and a softer texture.

Choose a color scheme and design to match

It is a matter that requires a bit of art skills. Because if choosing the wrong color sofa Wrong design The room may immediately look to an abyss. For readers who do not have much artistic skills We recommend choosing a sofa in common shapes and neutral colors such as gray, cream, brown, white, black, navy blue.

As for anyone who wants to add color to the room Just choose the cushions in a harmonious or contrasting color scheme. Will help fill the atmosphere in the living room to make it look brighter An example of the living room in the illustration below. Choose to use the main sofa in cream color. Is a color scheme that matches the wall color of the room As for the extra chair, choose to use navy color Then fill it up with a bright color tone that contrasts orange, which makes the room look like a lot.

Find the right showroom With a promotional price that is worth

Before going out to buy a sofa It is necessary to plan to find a place to sell furniture in particular. In order to have to choose to watch Shop from many brands and where possible. Such showrooms should have a sample room so that consumers like us can immediately look at the pictures that If I place an order at home, will it really look beautiful or not? And there should be a product display for testing Try to sleep independently In order to be expose to know Sofa to buy Comfortable to sit and fit how much you want. For example, there are thousands of sofas and furniture in the SB Design Square showroom. There are more than 10 leading brands to choose from. Every brand has a display product for buyers to freely choose from.