7 “Ideas for decoration” your home in retro style

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Decoration , the retro style of home decoration will be the decoration of the house with antiques or antiques because actually there are many styles of retro home decoration. And we can choose to have a vintage feel like that. Whether in vintage style, retro style or classic home decoration. Which each model is different in how We will take you to know each other.

Retro style home decoration

Antique style home decoration

The antique house decoration will focus on decorated with brick wood, maybe old wood. Both house structure and furniture As for the design, it will focus on old-fashioned features such as traditional Thai-style houses, wooden doors, folding houses. That had to latch a wooden bolt instead of a knob Or all wooden windows Wooden door with glass That must be bolted, bolted, etc.

Vintage home decor decoration

Vintage is an old fashion style that doesn’t look old. The decorations will focus on white, cream, brown tones without accentuating the bright colors. It is a style of home decoration that is classic hidden in various details such as wooden floors, wooden furniture, home décor that may be second-hand. Antiques that look priceless to collect ufabet.

Retro home decor

Retro in Latin means back. Retro-style home furnishings are like incorporating old fashion and bringing them back to the present day, so the retro style is flashy. A variety of colors Helps to have a fun and energetic atmosphereHow to decorate your home with a retro feel

1. Focus on natural colors

If you want the house to look classic, try to go back to the basics with natural tones such as brown, green, wood, cream, earth tones like this will add a warm, gentle feeling to a real relaxation zone. However, to decorate the house to look beautiful, it must take into account the suitability. It may use natural colors in the living room or bedroom. But the bathroom that wants to look clean May focus on white in the decoration Then use green and brown to add

2. Re-use of old things

Renovation of old furniture to be in good condition and ready to use. Is another interesting vintage home decoration idea Because the materials used to make furniture in the past are quite durable Has a design that looks classic. Or if you can use the existing bedside cabinets and shelves Will help save on decoration as well

3. Add a retro touch with fabric

Fabric furniture such as upholstered sofas, armchairs, rugs, and even cotton and linen curtains can add a touch of vintage feel to your home. Even more, if you use natural tones like brown, gray, cream, it will make your home look more cozy.

4.Use vintage kitchenware

There are a lot of vintage-style kitchen utensils nowadays, such as cups, plates, pots, pans, teapot, teapot, chopsticks, cutlery, we can choose the retro design as you like And if decorating the kitchen with wooden furniture, windows and doors that are also retro designs Will make the atmosphere of the old age quite good

5. Mix home decoration to match with the desired style

Of course, home decorations in various stores tend to dazzle all. And most probably in modern style Which if you really love vintage, you have to look for a little home decoration like this Or if you find something that is modern But can match with the style of the house without breaking the tone of the design, you can try to choose to decorate the house, it is not considered wrong

6.Keep the basics

Think back to the old style of home decoration. Which doesn’t focus on home decoration and many accessories But will choose to use home decorations that are useful and practical So if you are going to decorate this style Do not forget the basics Minimalism in the past as well, because if you decorate too much, it might look a bit messy rather than just beautiful.

7. Control the retro in every room

Should decorate every room and every point to be the same style all If going vintage, you have to control the vintage to the bathroom, kitchen and the front door. In order not to decorate each room in different directions