Decorating condo to rent, small area

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Condo ready for rent

Condo ready for rent. The important point in decorating a small condominium unit is not just beauty. Rather, it is allocate space to be able to use it cost-effectively. Efficient Supports all functions The design therefore needs to be meticulous in every detail of every corner in order to achieve the worthwhile use of every square meter. Suppose a room has a size of 29 square meters, the price of 2.9 million per room is equivalent to that 1 square meter is worth up to one hundred thousand baht.

This content, “Baan Idea” takes you to view the decoration of the condo room of Khun Boonsong. The newly renovate rooms are service by Condo Solutions by SB. The main purpose of this decoration is to lease. If you buy a big room, you’ll be investing more. Boonsong therefore chose to invest in a small condo room and focus on decorating it to look wide. Has full functionality So that the residents are ready to live comfortably

Small room, beautiful, comfortable with Condo Solutions 

It may not be easy to decorate a small room. Because the room that is open will feel disproportionate But the truth is, the smaller the room, the easier to arrange elements Just need to lay out the layout of the room well in order to divide the functional zones perfectly while remaining the hallway area. Starting from the position of the bed next to the wall. Decorated with white marble headboard to separate the mattress zone and working corner without using a partition. The furniture is covered with soft wood grain, with geometric shapes placed close to the wall. Enter a large aperture. Make the room look wide and comfortable on the eyes

After looking at the sample room plan, Mr. Boonsong explained his impression that ” I really like it because it looks beautiful and modern. When the interior is decorate according to the actual room plan. It felt that it was the answer. I like bright tones because they look comfortable on the eyes. But the original furniture of the condo is gray, making it look a bit dark. After consulting with the interior team, I told the need. He was decorated to match the furniture provided by the condo. I am okay overall and if I want to renovate or decorate again I will think of SB first. “

Compact furniture hides many functions

What cannot be overlooked when decorating a small room is choosing the main items and accessories and selecting a piece of furniture that is compact. Design cuts down on details The proportions look airy, light, not bulky. Will help camouflage the room to look wider And, ideally, one or more functions should be available to make the most of the space fun and enjoyable. Whether under the bed, hidden storage compartments The doors are neatly built on the head of the bed. Which the work team can answer all these questions.

The 60 cm dressing table fits perfectly in the side space between the small corner door beside the glass door, designed to be 6 jewelry-hanging corners, you can choose to hang necklaces or earrings as needed. More convenient The bottom section has additional storage drawers and a locker that can store personal belongings.

The free corner beside the bed, next to the window, get full light The team therefore organized it as a working area because the windows could open and look out to see the view, get the wind and rest the eyes as needed. When you feel tired, you can just lie down in bed. The table itself is seamlessly connected to a shelf. The lower storage compartment can be adjusted, making it easy to reach.

Proportions that fit the area

The TV shelf was measured to fit the space between the cabinet and the column. Makes it possible to place things and have more storage space Proper use of proportions and measurements on the job site to fit furniture in this fit It is another element for Khun Boonsong to use as a comparison variable and to decide to use the service.

“ I haven’t watched SB in one place. There are comparisons of many companies, but I do not like SB’s because it can be placed and locked into the area, and the Interior Designer and Décor Planner side are following the good work, the service is good overall, I am impressed, ”said Boonsong.

Every area is impressed with condo solutions

Even if the room is small, you must not run out of supplies like the kitchen. Hidden in the dining corner is a bar table inside This bar set fits perfectly in the space, its simple yet chic design makes the room stand out even more interesting. The overall arrangement and decoration of the room is inviting at first glance and complete all the functions necessary for life. Makes it even easier to make rental decisions. Which the owner of the room guarantees himself that “I would like to recommend it. If you are going to decorate a condo in this style Or which style must be SB, the only place to guarantee you will not be disappointed “