How to clean “house” if someone is infected with COVID-19

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As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of people infected has increased. Part of them had to wait in bed to receive treatment. They remain in the house or condominium. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to clean the housing, clothing, and personal items of patients with COVID-19 . To prevent the spread of infection. Which the Director-General of the Department of Health has released.

How to clean “house” if someone is infect with COVID-19

1. Cleaners must protect themselves by wearing protective glasses. And boots
2. Start by cleaning to wash off dirt before disinfecting the surface with disinfectant. Which contains 3 substances recommend by the World Health Organization.
1) sodium hypochlorite. Or detergent, white 0.1 percent concentration
2) hydrogen peroxide Or detergent, color, a concentration of 0.5 percent
3) alcohol concentration of 70 percent by preparing a disinfectant to get that concentration.

For the example of mixing disinfectants. Product containing 6 percent sodium hypochlorite, 600 ml pack by mixing to 0.1 percent concentration, use 2 caps or 20 ml of the product with 1 liter of water and wipe with a clean cloth moistened with disinfectant. According to areas that are frequently touched or used together Such as doorknobs, tables, chairs, remote controls, handrails, etc.

If it is an item or small item, it is recommend to wipe with alcohol. While cleaning, open the door Windows for ventilation. And allow the sun to shine evenly inside the house or condo,

cleaning the bathroom

Focus on wiping the area of ​​the toilet seat, toilet lid, toilet flush, handrail, knob or door latch. Toilet paper holders, sinks, faucets, soap holders, walls and door nooks. On the bathroom floor, use toilet cleaner Or disinfectant that is mixed and poured for at least 10 minutes.

Waste management

The collected waste contaminated with saliva, nasal secretions of infected cattle bail or suspected to be contaminated with respiratory secretions of an infected cow bail. Put two layers of infectious waste containers (red bags) by the first bag containing solid waste. If the infection is infected, pour it with an antiseptic or bleach such as Haiter and secure the mouth of the bag with a string. And sprayed with disinfectant Or 70 percent alcohol around the mouth of the bag and tie the outer bag with a string and spray it with a disinfectant again. Then moved to a specific place to rest To wait for the local government organization to collect, transport and dispose of properly

When cleaning is complete Remove protective equipment. Always wash your hands And cleanses the body And changing clothes

Washing utensils and equipment

1. Soak in hot water at 80 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds or use a dryer at a temperature of 80 – 100 degrees Celsius soak in chlorine water at a concentration of 100 ppm by mixing 1 teaspoon of 60 percent chlorine lime powder in a glass of water. To precipitate Then pour only the clear water mixed in 20 liters of clean water, steamed or dried before use to put food And store in a clean, concealed.

2. Soak in hot water 80 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds or use a dryer at 80-100 degrees Celsius soaked with sodium hypochlorite. Using 6 percent sodium hypochlorite at a ratio of half a teaspoon per 1 liter of water for 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly. Bake or desiccate before use with food. And stored in a clean place With full coverage