How to recycle tiles Let’s create a new one that has to cry wow

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Tiles have many uses. But have you ever notice that when the tiles are finished, there are often leftover tile fragments which some houses pile up uselessly? Let’s get creative with the rest of the tiles. Or it’s a new item. Guaranteed to be satisfied

1. Paint old tiles It’s very easy If you find that the tiles in any part of the house look outdated. Maybe try a new paint method you like. But I recommend you paint it in white, gray or black for a timeless look. By choosing a waterproof color and coating the tile itself For those who want to have more fun, try painting them in geometric patterns. By using adhesive tape to help, use gold or copper color to contrast with the color you have painted.

2. Coasters or placemats. It’s nice to match the table with the interior of your home. So you can use the leftover tiles as coasters, placemats. And don’t forget to bring a velvet underlay to prevent scratching the surface.

3. Make a table top Don’t give up on old furniture. Using tile for lining the worktop is a fun and better option than buying a new one. whether the old table A garden table with a tiled top also makes it resistant to the sun and rain.

4. Decorate with mosaic pots. The same old terracotta pot can be boring. So try smashing the tiles into small pieces. for making mosaics to stick on the surrounding pots. This requires tile adhesive before ending with a compatible grout. Just like this, you will get the same pot in a new look that is definitely not like any other house.

5. Tile Sticker If you have a favorite tile pattern but not sure how to tile. Because it has to change the tiles So to make a quick change by putting stickers behind the tiles. Must be a sticker that is easy to apply and is waterproof.