Moreover of decorating the house, origami

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Creative is more than creativity


Moreover is the brand of home goods. Because we believe creativity makes you enjoy life. The products that we design are therefore the medium for transmitting creativity to the user. Whether it is in the aspect of adding a productive function or a new way of thinking to make a difference. In addition, our products are design in an artistic form, promote imagination and complement the beauty of various styles of homes.

Moreover, we believe that “creativity will never stop at us” because when our products are in the hands of customers. They will also add ideas to fit into the lifestyle. And their way of life In the end, the product will be perfect when use with new ideas that you have created yourself. We call this the creative function.

Origami Collection

It is the first collection of Moreover, inspired by the art of folding paper in Japanese style, origami, we believe that the steel can be fold into a complex and beautiful form as well as paper. Therefore tried to apply the said technology The designers work together with steel folding experts to develop the technology to reduce the limitations of production until the result is a small delicate and delicate work of art with beauty. And the birth of new functions. The origami collection is the result of bringing familiar art to be told and reinterpret with an international perspective. And aesthetics.

Early bird 

A hanger that helps organize your life easier. With a function designed for hanging items such as car keys, house keys or bags, plus a compartment for attaching letters, documents, bills, electricity bills or to write important notes. Makes you start the day before leaving the house ready. Convenient and fast for better opportunities every day It is also use as a wall decorative to add life to any style of home. Material is steel Is strong, durable, supports the weight of things Easy to install by yourself.

Create a cool style on your desk with Paper Boat, the designer retrieve memories by using paper boat folding methods Which everyone is familiar with in childhood to tell in a new context Forms a beautiful form. Paper Boat makes perfect organization of your desk stationery. Working is easy by in pieces. One job has a function for inserting paper notes. And a compartment for other stationery such as pens or paper clips with a simple form Therefore suitable for all styles of work desks

Volcano Vase 

It is inspire by volcanoes during the eruption. And you can create your own imagination. By choosing the flowers that you like to embroider into the vase. It is easy to add a story and create a new atmosphere for a beautiful corner in your home. Volcano Vase can be convert into an aromatherapy kit. Just pour the essential oil into the tube and place the stems with the Volcano Candle Holder to fill the atmosphere of relaxation. And peace at every angle please.