Open Plan house, divide the space without restrictions

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The home is open plan to the popular concept of the house extensively. Because it creates airiness Breaking down the wall picture is solid but proportional. Making us often seen with modern home décor Including old houses, they often use this method. 

To open up the open space to be more Open Plan is a concept, flexibility, use and do activities together. Like the center of the home All activities of the family can be link together. Causing a continuous feeling of relief Sufficient light enters the room. Today we have a good trick in organizing it.

Link all rooms Make every room connected. Whether it is a living room, kitchen or even a dining room. Decorated in a comfortable color scheme Contemporary elegance By choosing to use contemporary style furniture Merged with the main structure of the house Make every room a continuity 

But separate the usage in proportion Instead of a wall between the dining room and the living room. Changed to open space There is a selection of shiny materials. Together with gray which is the main tone Use black for a more contrasting accent. Whether it is the blinds in the dining room as well as the tables and chairs as well as the light from the window. Can be reach in every angle

Open space, use furniture to determine Partition of the hallway, staircase and kitchen, using island as the designation. Bring to the scope of use seamlessly It greatly reduces the uncomfortable area of ​​the area. To connect the area of ​​continuous use

Sliding system

Sliding system can help. Wooden sliding doors are cultured from traditional Japanese houses. Nowadays, it is widely use in open plan home layouts to separate areas of use if privacy is require. Like the following idea Sliding doors are hidden behind wood cabinets. And sliding tracks hidden on the ceiling. When it is open, the door will not be visible to open the door, and it will fit perfectly into a modern home design ufabet.

Open for a long time For houses with a limited area An open house layout is very necessary. So that all activities are all connected By setting the size And position with structure Such as the wood paneling on the ceiling Which gives the value of darkness and brightness differently for each part Arrange the furniture in a long way. Indicates the territory well as well.