“Renovated, old townhouse”, home office

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Townhouse mood, detached house, office, showroom, design, stock. All of these are include in the problem of Renovated, old townhouse, narrow face Into a flexible, yet very inviting space

The demand for this diverse space was handled by Khun Teerapol Akharathiva and Khun Waranya Nantasanti. Both the architect and owner of this house, Least Studio, who worked in architectural design while producing products. For example, bags made from rubber sheets, cut by the brand Least, the same name as the design company.

Make a townhouse like a familiar single house

Mr. Mint – Theeraphon And Khun Aom-Waranya Decide on the location in the Charansanitwong area. Because it is a location close to the couple’s original home. Until I met a townhouse in Soi Charansanitwong 41 and started a plan Renovated. Old townhouse with a narrow face of 4 meters to become a home office. The problem of this house. It is a combination of needs that want a townhouse to not feel like a townhouse. Since you are accustom to living in a single house with the area all along. It is the source of opening light and creating a small garden. On the original mezzanine Which became a kitchen Like a small backya.

Change the layout of the noodle shop Become a mezzanine showroom

In this part of the mezzanine Ms. Mint explained that Think of the plans of the old noodle shop that have a mezzanine floor. And change the roadway by assigning this mezzanine. It is like the main entrance to the home office. where you will find. Least’s bag showroom and the first meeting place. Inside there is a white sliding door. Can be use to separate the kitchen. when wanting to be seen by people outside Looking through the garden, it feels more like the ground floor than the mezzanine. And a meeting area, this part can also be used as a meeting area with friends as well. Was painted almost black to reduce attention And become a stock of products with various equipment storage Able to enter both from the normal front and from the back that connects to the conference room ufabet.

In proportion, but a lot of living corner

Next up from the original mezzanine Divide the area into office, architecture and design for employees. With a corner at the front of the road as a living corner The fourth floor divides most of your work area. Another part is another style of relaxation corner. Set up an armchair set developed by Least with the Filobula brand in the Win Win War game show by using rubber material instead of leather Make it resistant to the scratches of the cat room. The same is the cutting mat that is cutter resistant. And the corner of your boxing workout savings Note that every floor has a living corner or a resting corner from time to time. Make the house more warm Along with the control of tones that are clean and not too flashy.

Walk-in Closet at an affordable price

The original rooftop was added to be a bedroom. They are all-steel frames for easy and light construction. The floor is laid cement board and poured concrete over 10 cm thick, the roof is metal sheet. But in order to reduce the noise problem when it rains, insulation is laid. And spaced the distance between the ceiling and the roof higher than normal As for the corridor to the bathroom It’s designed to be similar to a Walk-in Closet by well-planned. From measuring the distance of Ikea’s finished cabinet and making a niche to fit in the cabinet. You can say that it looks superficially. Plus I didn’t know that it was a finished cabinet It is the solution for people who want to do Walk-in Closet at an attractive low price.

Ended at a stylish facade Renovated

Another stage of transformation in modern townhouse is doing far Sadr is outstanding. Part of it is to help create privacy for internal users. That may open up a more window into the front of the road And also serves to filter the light Reduce the heat that enters the building.

In terms of beauty, it is address management for system work such as air compressor, water pipes, and electrical pipes, which in some cases cannot do the backyard or the wiring inside the house. Considered to create additional usable space. Where some people may place plants on this spot like a small balcony

Home office size 300 square meters after this The entire facade was covered with white perforated steel , but some viewing holes were opened to interact with the outside in some parts. It is a good example of Renovated old town house To come back to life again with a low budget, simple and flexible, perfectly responding to the needs of urban living and business