Sleep well, get healthy with a good mattress

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Sleep well, what are you thinking In bed here, it means taking a nap that takes precedence over it. Because back pain is no longer limited to the elderly. Young people like us who have to live at least 8 hours a day working in front of the computer. Dotted with documents. Without changing his position Or arrange the correct sitting posture Working for several days, months, and years can cause stiffness. Pain in different parts of the muscles, which is known as ” office syndrome “.

Prevention of injury, muscle pain Starting from sitting and working in a suitable position. Always modify his posture Find time to exercise And choose a mattress that is suitable for your body Which is a matter that many people overlook Think you can sleep on any type of mattress. Until resulting in an unexpected trauma

“Mattresses and bedding” are more directly related to your body and your health than you think. Because it is the part that needs to be supported from head to toe At least 6-8 hours a day, which is the same as when we use the body to work during the day. If the mattress is quality Ergonomic and does not collect dust. In the long run it reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses, insomnia, muscle tension. Or physical injury for the better Which, choosing a mattress and bed linen, focusing on beauty is not enough Must choose to suit the needs of health with the following simple selection principles

1. Choose a mattress to suit your behavior.

For people who have easy back pain Frequent allergies

Suitable for latex mattresses With a flexible texture Not too hard or too soft Gently embraces every movement Helps support the body while sleeping, thus reducing back pain well. Can be used by working people who use the back heavy for a long time or the elderly with spinal problems.

People who have difficulty sleeping

Choose a soft mattress (but not collapse as you like), a soft touch will make it easier to sleep. Especially those who are easily awake If you have to rest with your partner when the other person moves, it may feel quickly and difficult to sleep, try to use the independent pocket spring system It helps to prevent vibrations well.

People who are addicted to the same sleeping behavior

May cause beriberi The pressure on the blood flow is inconvenient and muscle pain. The use of a mattress made of foam tablets that have quick recovery properties. Add a special support layer to help distribute the pressure. It helps the circulatory system in the body. Reduce the symptoms of beriberi Helps to sleep after a continuous without losing health.

2. Choose a pillow to wake up without pain in the neck

It is believed that 7 out of 10 people suffer from sleep disorder during sleep. We tend to change the position unconsciously. Especially when sleeping deeply and the neck is tilted from the pillow for a long time until it becomes stiff. Or caused by improper use of pillows A good pillow will help support and align the body of the sleeper in the neck, back and hips, which helps the spine to maintain the most straightness. Therefore, you should take care and choose the right pillow for yourself.

  • The pillow should be replaced every 2 years, as the pillow has been used for a long time, its shape may change and collapse.
  • The use of pillows is not necessarily one. Each person may use 2-3 pillows while sleeping, with the other for knee pads. And choose thin leaves or old pillows to support your back It helps sleep to reduce pain and fatigue. Better sleep than before
  • Research shows that the latex pillow is the best pillow that supports the neck. Because it has curves that correspond to the shape of the head and the nape of the neck Natural rubber is flexible, soft and comfortable, feel relaxed. And return to the body quickly so it will not collapse the neck muscles
  • Choose a pillow according to your body type and your preferred sleeping position. Because each person’s body is different, both weight and height. People who sleep on their back and prone to sleep use different pillows. Therefore, it must be seen to meet the needs of use as well, for example a person who is small, should use a pillow smaller than a person who is tall and heavy.

Note that when choosing a pillow, try placing the pillow to see that it is neither too hard nor soft. Is it possible to support the head, neck and shoulders at all points if the neck, shoulders and back can be placed close to the pillow and mattress? It will help prevent neck pain from lying in the wrong position and feel more relaxed.

3. Choose bedding Far from allergy

In homes with allergy-related members of the home You may think that using an air purifier and dusting around the house is sufficient to protect it. But did you know that Dust mites on mattresses and pillowcases It is the number one cause of allergy. Because it is a small thing that is almost invisible to the naked eye, many people overlook it.

At present there are innovative bedding. Blankets made from dust mites , this fabric is specially made to keep the fibers very close together. Until dust mites cannot pass up This prevents dust mites and allergens in mattresses, bolster and bolster up to 99%, ensuring your health every time you lie down.

When getting the right mattress and bedding for sleeping Of course, the rest every night must be more efficient. Resulting in better physical and mental health as well Any readers who are looking for a bed. New bedding at SB Design Square, in addition to the Bedroom & Healthy Sleep Solutions, which responds to all sleeping needs, a variety of bedding sets There is also a free counseling service for those with sleep problems. By a specialist doctor as well.