5 cool ideas for decorating a S-sized garden

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To relax and rejoice in a residential center in the city of Bangkok. It is the desire of people today. But at the same time, there are still some people calling for nature. The following ideas would like to invite everyone to enjoy the garden to satisfy your heart even in the midst of high-rise buildings. To use as an area to release the heart to heal Sit and chill after work without having to go out to find nature far away If you are ready, let’s go see it.

Sip coffee, taste snacks

Turn the area next to the house into a cute mini garden. It is like relaxing and sipping tea in the middle of a large garden. Another gardening idea that is suitable for a limit house style, starting with the privacy of the area, the wooden slat fence , follow by the original concrete fence that chose to make the wooden fence because it gives the garden a warm look and the artificial grass is arrange. The shrub does not have to be very tall. Lined with big little pots Fill the gimmicks with wicker baskets Vintage bicycle Indispensable, it is a wicker table and chair for chill out. Now we will have a garden next to the house in a calm and romantic atmosphere. 

The countryside in the middle of the city

As I said That living in the capital would give every house the same area. It would not be for a house that is a tenement house. To create a unique atmosphere on the deck With a chill garden style Like living in the countryside Starting from adjusting the surrounding area to be ready Change the walls to gray with a modern vibe mixed with artificial grass. And add details to the landscaping with bamboo litter Place the ornamental plants at various points. Freshen your eyes.

Make a hanging garden on the front porch 

With the original home page that looks simple To be transformed into a country-style comfortable garden The living area has been added with a wooden balcony. To highlight the home model and add green space with hangers Place small plant pots at different points. Outstanding with different forms of furniture Complement the landscaping of this garden as charming as other gardens.

Make a lovely balcony garden 

Design a small space in accordance with the lifestyle of modern people. Residing in a limited space condo To transform the balcony of the clothes drying into a chic garden Decorated with furniture with details that characterize the owner. This garden chose to lay artificial grass on a limited area. Bring a black painted rattan table and chairs to arrange. Decorated with small potted plants Simply believe that everyone can follow it for sure.

Organized simply at the back of the house

Ideal idea for people who don’t have time but want to have a green garden to relax. This idea is very easy. If there is space in the back of the ufabet house to be lined with small and large pots Sprinkled with scree around Focus on nature We now have the green area back.