5 plants to decorate the house, beautiful

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The same problem for those who want to start planting plants is not sure if planting trees will make them survive or not. Some of them may have experienced planting any plant that died. When thinking about planting a plants in the house, I’m not sure, but I’ll say that it’s easy to care for. Plus it’s pretty and cute. Let’s go and see what’s there.

Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides, some people call it the Pancake Tree. or a UFO tree It is consider an auspicious plant to enhance money, fortune, and also brings positive energy into the home. And with its beauty, it is one of the recommended plants for planting. The nature of the tree is spherical leaves, like light, may need to pay attention to watering.


Classula It is a succulent plant which can be call a paradise tree. silver leaf tree. The characteristic of the Classula tree is that it has beautiful green leaves. smooth thick leaves If base on feng shui, the Klassula is placed in the house in the southeast. This type of tree will also affect fortune. Classula plant care is very easy. Because it is a succulent. Therefore, this tree is quite hardy. Frequent watering is not required.


Moth It is native to Brazil. and popular in Europe Moth is a herbaceous plant with heads and leaves that resemble fingers. Leaves usually close at night. The leaves are triangular in shape. The corners collide with each other, the leaves are pink, purple, the flowers are single flowers. The flower stalks from the stem are pink-purple with 5 petals, popularly planted in pots. Can be planted in general soil, like the sun, when watering, do not let the rain hit the plant directly.

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklaceA succulent plant that looks like a bunch of green strands hanging down like a necklace of pearls. can be planted as a potted plant and can be hung as an ornamental plant in the house When planting pearl necklaces should be placed in a place that receives enough sunlight. but must not be in direct sunlight No need to water often, 1-2 times a week is enough. And should not allow the soil to be too wet.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Bunny Ear Cactus It is a tree that is native to Mexico. Can tolerate drought very well. Growing bunny ears cactus is easy. For the appearance of the rabbit ear cactus has an elongated oval shape similar to a rabbit’s ear. It is an ideal plant for novice gardeners. Bunny ear cactus is best suited to dry, low humidity homes. and there is a lot of sunlight An interesting trick is that rabbit ears cactus don’t develop into thorns.