“A high hall house with a mezzanine floor”

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Mezzanine floor, if we are a movie or series aficionado, we will understand that in one story there must be someone who plays a prominent role. And was caught by looking Which sometimes is not a hero or a heroine But it might be a small factor that has a big scene, making us look forward to his arrival and feel like we can’t stop following. The same is true in the house. Some houses are assigned the living room to be the highlight. Some houses ask for the kitchen to be a corner to look at. But for this house, use the “stairs” as the focus of sight in the center. Even if you don’t mean to, but when you look into your eyes, your eyes will always stop right there.

Modern, minimalist, open and bright house

Makio House is a corner house of 406.5 sq m located in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Customers want a simple and comfortable home. To suit his family and personality This concept is therefore the origin of the house, airy, light, embracing light and perspective. Provide a spatial experience through the decoration ‘Modern minimalist style house’ that designed the space to be simple but felt that attracted the attention. From the bright and comfortable living space Full of light and good ventilation.

Wide area That everyone will enjoy

Interior design, open plan layout, arrangement of living room functions Dining room The kitchen without solid walls. Making it possible to connect to each other smoothly The double-volume perforated high ceiling house creates a feeling of high airiness and allows the heat to rise to a great height. The front has a large door and window that provides light. The neat white interior represents a spacious family space. Can enjoy a good time In meals, tea time, and friends’ parties.

Both the open plan layout that connects the horizontal space. And the opening of vertical space made mezzanine Making it possible to interact with each other, no matter where in the house

Open kitchen with sliding doors Allowing home members to communicate freely with their families While cooking, they can look into the dining room and sitting area. Causing the family to have a more intimate daily life No part or anyone is cut off. The color scheme of the kitchen is simple with a white background against black. Functional design is fluid, practical and efficient.

The stairs are the centerpiece.

The light-colored wooden staircase that slowly formed from the floor and folded apart like a branched tree. The architect then created a continuation of the wooden railing to move it through to the mezzanine above. To wrap the outside of the living space twice as high as one piece in harmony. Making the stairs become the hallmark that must be turned around.

A bedroom that has a favorite function

The master bedroom has a warm and cozy atmosphere, decorated with hardwood. Inside, there is a private bathroom and dressing room to fill the extra private space. Near the built-in bed, the reading area rises like a small stage, ufabet with large windows spreading light across the room and opening up a vision of the trees. The sky was clear. Another interesting thing in this room is the double-layered bedside window. The outer glass layer is wooden, can be folded when light is needed and closed when privacy is required.

The children’s bedroom was re-imagined as a classy hide-and-seek facility. There are bunk beds with pull-out and hidden beds. On top of connecting up to a small mezzanine floor, children can create fun activities that make spending time in the room not boring.

Mezzanine floor, many points of the house add fun to the home with Indirect Light hidden along the plane of the house, such as under the stairs, the ceiling above the stairs. That gives a beautiful light Create an atmosphere in the interior to have a different dimension from the daytime.