Decorate a High Ceiling condo

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High Ceiling Condominium

As we all know that lifestyle has changed. This caused people to switch from living in single-family homes to living in high-rise buildings. For example, condominiums are still an option for working people living in big cities. Although it must be in a rectangular frame with almost no area at all. which part of the reason may be from the convenience of traveling Easy home maintenance and has a relatively high security system At the same time, some of the people who live in condos crave a homely feeling. It must rely on the interior design to add aesthetics. Put a variety of functions to make life complete like a small home.

This condo is located in Silom. One of the colorful main streets of Bangkok. It is a hybrid room that combines living innovation. The high ceiling has an unusual layout with a longer entrance. Brings the eye to the double-height living space. With kitchen counter, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and upstairs. Gives a single-family home feel But get a high view that is the charm of a condominium that is comfortable to meet the needs of the new generation.

The main shared functions are the dining table and the coffee table combined. You can choose whether to use it by sitting on a chair or sitting on a raised platform like a 40 cm high stage. At this point, you can watch TV. Sit and relax on the sofa in the back. Because the room size is quite limit. Therefore, the space must be use in the most efficient way. Every area has a Multi Function feature that can be adjusted for many uses. The storage corner is hidden under the seat platform. Lockers are include in the stairs or even partitions. To add functionality, make the house tidy.