Decorate your home in a minimalist style with a Japanese flair

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Now, the trend of decoratinghouse in a minimalist style is very hot. with designs and patterns that make people easily accessible It’s not difficult to find items or props to customize. and uniqueness that maintains simplicity. It is outstanding in terms of color tones, furniture that is warm in its own way.

Today we will take a look at the ideas of decorating the house.  Who is also very passionate about decorating a minimalist home. take action on selection Do-it-yourself furniture Called attention and depth in every detail until blended into a warm minimalist home with a touch of Japanese in every way. area ever

Choose a home builder company because it is reliable, minimalist style

Starting to find a house project that is a home builder would be a better solution. In addition to building a good house, it is also reliable. Joy began to research. Took my boyfriend’s parents to look at the model house, which is the type of house that Joy wanted but my boyfriend’s parents said it was too small. Because he was used to staying in a rather long house. In the end. We built a house with a usable area of ​​over 400 square meters, which is much larger than our intention. because he wanted a small house that was easy to maintain

All interior decoration, minimalist style

The project has houses designed in a variety of styles. As for the usable space inside, what Joy needs is 4 bedrooms, an office room, a monk’s room, which we cut down because we want the house to look airy. So I made an amulet shelf like hanging on the wall instead. As for the color tones, curtains, blinds, furniture, Joy and boyfriend choose each other, think for themselves, should this corner be like this? Put a little at a time For example, the furniture we use is from Neat’s page. At first, Joy didn’t know it, but my boyfriend suggested I go and see it. Besides, he has a showroom in Bangkok as well. We fell in love Furniture from this shop is a dining table, sofa, bar stools in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the highlight of this house

When living in a condo, the small kitchen can’t cook heavy food. There was a real hood, but the smell of food followed the sofa. The sink is small and inconvenient. I intend that when we have a house, we will separate the kitchen zone. There is an island for placing things that are versatile. because the condo kitchen Not answering the question enough to have a chance to build a new house, so we designed a full kitchen area. There is a storage for dishes, bowls, raw materials, dry goods, while the artisan cooking zone is designed to have a lockable compartment for condiments, very convenient.

Joy likes IKEA tops very much. At first thought to buy his counter, but the kitchen style of the sliding door joystick on the side is not suitable to bring down the IKEA kitchen. So I thought what to do So I searched for a shop that did the built-in and he accepted it. which he designed the structure for We just tell you the requirements and use Top IKEA. As for the electrical appliances, we have prepared them all for them. When it came out, it was exactly what we liked. And it also fits perfectly with the bar stool that I bought.