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Home decoration

Home decoration for birds, cats and people. If anyone who is a cat slave will know that when entering the industry, it is difficult to withdraw. After keeping the cats outside, one day the cats will continue to expand their territory until they become the owners of the house. Humans and cats need to find a central space where they can coexist peacefully. Sim-Plex Design Studio understands this situation and initiates a flexible home design. There are nooks for three, parrots and cats in this 42 square meter apartment in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, where it puts the family’s most important member first: the children. Their fur is sure enough.

Houses that share the happiness of people, birds and cats

Pets Playground The name of the project says it all and focuses on allowing pets to have fun living. Allegedly, when the boss is happy Humans who are slaves will be happy as well. So this tiny apartment is full of smart space-saving solutions. Including built-in storage and flexible adjustments of furniture to suit a variety of needs. While the house is shared between a husband, wife, cat, and parrot. The decoration is all about balancing a partner and a friend of different breeds. Therefore, it is important to consider both function area management to material selection.

The Sim-Plex Design Studio creates a private space for each member of the family, as well as a common area for everyone who comes together. It is essential for the integration of various activities under one roof. The main area of ​​the house is divided into two sections, connected by sliding glass doors. One side for parrots and the other for cats. When opening the door of the house, you will see the decoration of the cabinet and the door as a shape of a bird house with a gable roof. To match the pet theme.

A sliding door separates the house for birds

Their parrots love to sunbathe. So the cage was located in the living room in front of a large window facing west. Which receives warm light in the afternoon In this section, the sliding door closes the raised living area. So that the parrot can come out of the cage and play safely Without fear of cats The top of the extra wide cabinet is designed specifically for the cage. Below it is like a round hole punched cabinet, which will be used as an extra chair at the dining table when added members.

There is a way for cats to keep surveillance

Designers have a channel for cats to engage in, such as round cat holes on shelves where cats can sneak around and check the tidiness of homes and humans when needed.

Sliding glass door in the middle of the house The master bedroom and both living room will be separated from the master bedroom and dining area. The unfinished walls give the house an uncluttered look and have a wide range of options. The materials and color tones are slightly changed with maple and gray tones in the master bedroom and living room. The other two rooms mainly use white oak.

All wooden furniture is made from melamine panels to prevent cat scratching. Selection of this material also reduces the exposure to formaldehyde. Which are often used in composite wood products. Thus ensuring it is safe for both pets and humans.