“How to organize a new kitchen in one day”

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How to organize a new kitchen In one day, try it! Not difficult Today we’re going to share some simple kitchen organizing ideas. Come to try and do it. It only takes 1 day. Guaranteed that the kitchen is clean, new, definitely gigs.

List the material order

In most cases, the ingredients for cooking are gradually used out as appropriate. If it is not used or left unused, it will most likely keep it in the same place. But do not forget that all materials have an expiration date. Take a look at this New Year opportunity. Keep a list of ingredients listed in order of expiry date to plan their use first.

Organize the refrigerator

The area in the kitchen filled with assorted items is the refrigerator. Therefore, we must not forget to pay more attention to the layout of the interior. Because it is important to preserve food such as fresh milk or items that expire soon It should not be placed in the freezer on the door as the frequent fluctuation of the opening-closing temperature will speed up the waste. Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the vegetable freezer (Crisper), should not be cut or peeled before, as this will spoil quickly. And should not be placed together with meat as it may produce an unpleasant odor, etc.

Label the garnish Various seasonings

Either it is solid like salt, pepper, sugar, or liquid like sauces. To pasta and various chili paste We tend to divide it into jars, jars, or jars with a large number of them. Time to use it, it can be confused as well as to what is and what Try making small, cute text labels on the container. Specify the type of ingredients inside. Next time I will use it clearly.

Allocate free space

Provided for other devices, appliances That often come to occupy space in the kitchen when cooking, such as a cooking instruction book, tablet to a notebook with a charger. Providing a dedicated space with these storage stands can make cooking a lot more convenient and enjoyable.

Leave it

What is not used and then thrown away Sometimes it is a very difficult thing. Because we tend to think that in case of being used But in the end, it became unaware of hell. Think about throwing away the old things so that there is room for new things. Instead, it should make a break from the old. (That may not have been used for a long time) has become more relieved, it is considered to leave the old thing Welcome new things in the new year as well