Ideas to make the room look spacious

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Making the room look spacious Considered as an alternative for homes with limited space because of the room to look spacious. Not only makes the room look more airy and open. But it also helps keep the house clean and pleasant to live in. The air is well ventilated, which we will open a simple room arrangement technique, including cool tricks that will help make Make your bedroom look spacious, airy and open. It’s easy at your fingertips.

5 popular items for making a room look spacious

The decoration of the room is wide, airy and open to the eye. An interesting technique is Using small items or accessories to make the room look more beautiful and livable.

Wall shelf

Commonly used in condos or rooms that are small. Because it will help to organize the space in the room. Including showing decorations in the body.

Plants for planting in the room

This is a small technique that helps make the room look comfortable with the green of the leaves. There are many varieties to choose from, such as spotted betel, dragon tongue, monstera. Which is important to choose plant pot that are white, tall or may choose to use a woven pot To add a minimalist and natural look.

Bedside tables

regarded as a method Make the bedroom look spacious easiest They may choose a small table with drawers for storage. Then use it as a corner to place a smartphone, book, lamp or other decorations.

Carpet floor

It is another helper that makes the room look more spacious. It also makes the room have dimensions. Not looking too bald, the important thing is to help relax and soften your feet.

Lamps and room lights

It’s another small technique that helps make the bedroom more dimensional, livable and looks minimal. If it is a lamp, it may be placed next to the bed. But if it’s a room wiring It may be decorated around the curtain or a small reading corner.

Finished with the idea Make the room look wider in the Home Guru edition that provides both new room arrangement techniques. Including the use of various items that help make the room look good, beautiful and more livable. If you want to look for furniture or cool items for decorating the room to look wider.