“Japanese style home decoration”

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Mirai House is the name of a house project that looks superficially like a house in Japan, but not. Because here it was built in Da Nang city Vietnam. It is design by a group of architects. Who have traveled to study and work in Japan for many years. Therefore was inspired and introduce various techniques of the Japanese. That can be adapt perfectly into this house with emphasis on comfort, warmth, airiness, focus on modern minimalist woodwork. Most importantly, the concept of home design not only meets functional and aesthetic needs. But also pay attention to the quality of life of family members Corresponds to the Japanese word “Mirai” meaning the future (of the public).

Welcome home with a Japanese touch.

The first impression of the Mirai House is the front hall with different heights. Similar to the genkan (玄関), it is an area to remove and store shoes before reaching your personal space. This aspect of placing the reception area will have the effect of increasing the privacy of the living space within the home. A shoe cabinet outside the lobby allows members to store their shoes as soon as they enter the home. Protect the interior of the house from dust and stains. The entrance door is a sliding like a shoji door with a wooden frame. Paper panels in a traditional Japanese house, but switched to frosted glass. To allow light to pass through and gain privacy

Living a warm life downstairs

The first floor is designed to be a public use area where the whole family looks open and airy with a living room, dining area And island kitchen. Which are easy to place in order to connect with each other Without walls dividing into rooms, creating a large gap in the interior Allows home members to observe and chat in the same area at the same time. The décor is simple and lovely, with furniture, geometric lines, rounded corners, warm tones and a touch of subtle woodwork found everywhere in this area.

Dining corner and kitchen It is another key area in the home that is well maintained by a team of architects who adhere to Japanese kitchen design standards. The kitchen corner does not take up much space. It is a modern and minimalist kitchen in white, decorated with wood, which corresponds to a new lifestyle that does not cook too much.

Central working corner on the 2nd floor

From the stairs to the second floor, there is an open space decorate as a central working corner. There is a wooden counter, a chair, one wall with a peg board, a wooden round stick that can be use to hang utensils. And put a wooden shelf for storage. Which can switch layers as you like Behind the desk is a folding glass door that opens onto the balcony outside the house. It is both a place to rest and work for family members. There are also two more bedrooms and a bathroom.

Another highlight of the Mirai House design is the use of a 24-hour natural ventilation system.The air in the house is ventilate every 2 hours, receiving air from outside and filtering it through a filtration system. Before spraying out clean air It ensures good indoor air quality. Making the family healthier

The bedroom invites you to relax.

The bedroom still remains the concept of design in a simple style. There are large windows on the sides to help capture the morning sun more efficiently. Every detail in the Mirai House’s bedroom feels light and soothing. Friendly material, warm in winter and cool in summer.