Light & Love, a “minimalist home”

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Modern minimalist style house

In recent years, simple and comfortable décor styles have become more and more popular, perhaps due to the comfort of the eyes. Color of nature And the gentle texture of the wood that enhances the living aesthetic. For this house, a minimalist concept is also used. The owner of the house is a neat person who likes cleanliness and also has small children. In addition, they hope that this home can become a paradise for children everywhere, from the point of view that we will have to say that the wish has been quite successful.

Soft and relaxing home

Duplex suite in Taipei Taiwan Usable area of ​​approximately 142 square meters, open plan ground floor, including public living area such as kitchen, living room, dining room, and upstairs as a bedroom. The living room area is nothing more than a large set of fabric sofas, light gray L-shaped, watching TV. And a compact solid wood coffee table Overall home decoration In addition to being more spacious and using soft materials. Also pay attention to the sharp corners that help prevent the child from being hurt as well.

Behind there is a built-in wall, piercing into a space for playing the piano. The top is a cabinet with a closed door to keep things tidy. On the right-hand side is a space for displaying items. And there are low shelves that children can easily reach and use. It’s a well thought out home for the kids. Can actually be used together

Next to the living room is a dining room for four seats, simple geometric design. With green plants placed in the corner of the house The kitchen is semi-open and does not have too many kitchen appliances. Which not only keeps children safe But also enhances the beauty of the entire area

A comfortable reading office

In order to be in accordance with the problem “Home for the family”, designers also have space for parents to use, such as a study room behind the living room, separated by a sofa, arranged near the wall with glass panes installed with transparent curtains, allowing full natural light. Suitable for the eyes. They both love reading and have a constant collection of books. So the designers built hardwood bookcases on both walls and small drawers for storage. The remainder is placed in a wire rack, which can be stored and decorated at the same time.

Looking down from the second floor, the entire living room could be seen in sight. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling windows are beautiful and create a good atmosphere for the home.

A high hall full of light

A duplex house is a suite that is connected vertically up like a two-storey house. This part pierces the ceiling to double volume, allowing the air to circulate well. Receive light from the glass wall evenly distributed evenly It gives a feeling that is even more airy, bright and light, to facilitate the children in their descents The team therefore designed a solid wood staircase with safety glass that can be seen through as a guardrail. Making the stairs both refined and safe.

Looking down from the second floor, the entire living room could be seen in sight. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling windows are beautiful and create a good atmosphere for the home.

Living with nature by the window

One of the favorite corners of the whole house is the bay window or the window lounge. And add plants, put a pot of green plants to give it a refreshing look Plant pots with different container and leaf forms to bring the home to life. Parents often let their children water the plants themselves. Of course, in addition to instilling responsibility. The use of time has been achieved. Also made the little ones of this house love nature from childhood as well.

On the second floor there is a master bedroom of the parents, decorated in simple and minimalist style. It only has a bed and built-in cupboards, although it doesn’t have a bedside table and other decorations, but this minimalist model is absolutely gorgeous. On the other side is a children’s room and on the other is a storage room. Which can be used to store clothes and bedding that are not worn Inside the room, there is a flower pot, a small table and a sitting cushions shaped like a rabbit and a bear, which looks warm and beautiful. Plus by creating a playground Personally, it is a large wooden box. There is a gap for the duck to climb and play. And attach a button to make a model cliff to allow children to experience a fun “adventure”