Make room chic Warmth with grays and pastels

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Ideas for decorating a small suite 

Ideas for decorating a small suite. City life, part of the city inevitably lived in the apartment. Some rooms are small and some are big. For rooms ranging in size from 30-40 square meters, it is necessary to manage the internal space well. To feel comfortable, not being overly compressed from the four walls. For example, this room has an area of ​​49 square meters, it’s not that big. It’s an old apartment design project Located on the second floor of the Serebryanka district of Minsk, Belarus, the main task of the designer is low-cost interior rental. The overall picture of the room is not so much decorated, focusing on floating furniture that is modern form, light weight, easy to move and change to function, neutral tones are comfortable, the little furniture and decoration make the room look spacious and chic.

Decorate a small room to look wide and tall

Small living corner It consists of eye-catching geometric lines such as the dull blue circle carpet. Center table with cone-shaped legs and round top Corner sofa set. That is a rectangular module, many pieces are assemble together. Can be adjusted separately. Due to the small space and relatively low ceilings. Therefore, the team chose to use a light color texture camouflage to make the room look wide. And structures that add vertical dimensions to make the walls look higher Focus on hidden walls for storing clothes, things and appliances In order to interfere with the horizontal usable area as much as possible.

Put a function to the wall to reduce the use of interior space

A small dining corner for 3 seats to welcome 1-2 visitors and behind the built-in wall hidden a locker house. During that time, a hole was made to frame a rectangular box to display your favorite collectibles. A small flower pot or book can also be added to the gimmick by punching the wall covering into a round hole, lining up the wall, peg board, which is inserted into a round wooden plinth and used to hang the plant pot, hang the key, or place the wooden board to place the items. You can change the level as you.

Color matching to complement each other add eye-catching

Working room located in the center of the apartment It’s a large area with white as its background. Place a big, grayish-blue sofa to sit and lie down Blue contrast with orange chair and yellow bookshelf Show that the color matching with each piece of furniture in each corner complement each other The working table faces the shining light, making it bright enough for reading or working during the day. When you feel tired or tired, open the door to breathe outside for a few minutes. And then come back to start working again.