“Narrow house with beautiful garden”

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Modern Tropical House

Beautiful homes in different definitions. For some people, some beautiful materials may not be required. Just a simple brick that can be use as an idea to make the house a focus. For example, this house is characterize by its sharp design and dark color tones. It’s not enough, architects design a new concept that focuses on space requirements, healthy airflow, natural light and attractive expression. But gives a warm feeling that can be seen from the front

Fasad House, the wind channel is sharp in line and color.

This house in Indonesia. Built on an area of ​​130 square meters, the architect divided the building mass into two zones. The first mass was placed on the western side of the area. To block the heat of the sun from the west And the second mass placed in the southeast Separation of this zone is intend to separate the service and the garden from the main function of the west. In order to be able to use the most land At the front of the house, it is interesting to play with ordinary materials such as bricks. Not only used as a brick house wall, a ventilator Also used in the facades on the 2nd floor where the walls are cut into a curve. It is like an arch to soften the appearance of the pointed main facade.

Triple tone house 3 color

The airy fasad can block light in the house while still absorbing the wind and add a built-in effect to the house. Next to the black vents wall. There is another wall, inside which is installed with glass louvers. In order to circulate natural air into the home. It can be switch off when need to protect against dust, smoke and noise. The architects used the three main colors of the tri-tone color: the natural reddish brown of the white brick and the black. The reason for choosing a dark and manly black paint is because the neighborhood is close to industrial plants, using dark colors will make caring easier.

Entering the house, you will feel a more relaxed atmosphere thanks to the color scheme and materials used mainly by white painted wood and brick. To present a bright and natural that reflects the personality of the family. On the ground floor, open plan includes family areas such as dining room, kitchen, dining room arranged without partition. To facilitate related activities without obstacles.

The gap in the middle of the house to ventilate heat

What is interesting in the house is the penetration of vertical space up. It is like a chimney that allows the natural air flow from the door and window to chase the hot air up through the gap. Then vented through the roof This will help keep the room temperature cooler. The high gap in the middle of the house it is not only used for heating air out. And only add interior lighting But can also increase the vertical space that can be adjust according to future needs.

Inside the house, in addition to being bright from the light entering the side Also doing skylights to get natural light from the roof But don’t use it in too many places because it is only used on stairs located in the west zone. Therefore the house does not heat and save a lot of electricity during the day. In addition, the walls of the house are use to create two layers of thick brick walls throughout the building to reduce the heat entering during the day, making it more effective.

Exposure to light and nature

The side of the building is also intend to use a wide sliding door. So that every area on the ground floor touches the shady garden with small lawns and Lee Kuan Yue vines hanging down Show the connection between the outside and the warm and refreshing interior.