Things you should know when thinking about adding plants to your kitchen

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Originally, the kitchen was a space for cooking and storing food, but today it has been upgraded to become another functional space that reflects the personality and tastes of the owners. Or residents And human beings want to connect with nature. Therefore, bringing plants into the building is another way. Therefore, it is not surprising if we can see that the trees have been decorated. Decorate it in the kitchen Here are some things you should know about bringing plants into your kitchen.

Plan the layout first

When thinking of bringing plants into the kitchen It should be planned how to do so that they can live forever, not die, not dry, which each tree has different needs for water, sunlight and care. For example, some types of plants may not need to be placed within easy reach. And can set the tree on the back of the cabinet, etc., because we will water that type of tree just 1 time a week, but if any tree withers often. They may be placed near the sink so you can water the plant frequently. Or plants that are relatively fragile may need to be placed away from the stove that generates heat, etc.

Look for a bright zone in the kitchen

The kitchen should have lighting zones so you can choose which plants need sunlight, they should be in that location. And of course, the lighting zone is not just for trees that like the sun. But it should be for trees that may not like the sun. But like the sun sometimes.

If there are more trees, it is better to choose one that is low maintenance

When you want more plants in the kitchen Choose trees that do not require a lot of maintenance. It should be a strong tree. It grows in any condition, because when those trees continue to grow. You will not have to be too tired to take care of it.

Choose a beautiful tree And it actually works

In the kitchen of many People like to grow herbs because they will be practical. Which is considered to be the subject that we recommend. Because if you plant trees that can be used for cooking Or can eat You will be more attentive to those trees.