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"4 Kitchen counter designs Wall mounted"

“4 Kitchen counter designs Wall mounted”

Wall mounted kitchen Beautiful kitchen for townhome, tidy, does not take up space For people who love to cook and love to join the kitchen, having a beautiful kitchen and convenient use is one of their dreams in life. Because good kitchen That is suitable for the

"Feng Shui Door of the House"

“Feng Shui Door of the House”

Arrange the area at the entrance to the house the good entrance is more than half the victory Feng Shui Door, the door is the most important aspect of getting good things into your home. It is the part that residents have to use and have to

Feng Shui Staircase, happy family

Feng Shui Staircase, happy family

Does the number of steps, even numbers, and odd numbers really work? Have you ever heard of each other with the saying  “The number of steps, the even number is a ghost stair. Odd number stairs, stairs, people “This sentence is a Thai belief long ago. The feng

Feng Shui Kitchen, Stove, Where Do Not Place

Feng Shui Kitchen, Stove, Where Do Not Place

Feng Shui Kitchen Where to place the firebox According to Feng Shui principles Eating is one of the most essential activities in life. Therefore, each house may not lack a kitchen. In feng shui, the kitchen is a room that should be of particular importance. It is a room that

"Narrow house with beautiful garden"

“Narrow house with beautiful garden”

Modern Tropical House Beautiful homes in different definitions. For some people, some beautiful materials may not be required. Just a simple brick that can be use as an idea to make the house a focus. For example, this house is characterize by its sharp design and dark color

5 "living room" styles with the matching sofa set

5 “living room” styles with the matching sofa set

Changing the sofa to change the atmosphere of the living room A cozy  corner living room where family members share the most. Both to relax and take a rest when returning home It is the center of sitting, talking, watching TV, eating snacks, and some of the houses may also

"condominium", which room is good

“condominium”, which room is good

Feng Shui Condo Which type of room is already good and happy Usually, choosing to buy a house according to Feng Shui principles The first thing that needs special consideration is the Feng Shui analysis of Chaiyaphum. Or choosing a location that brings luck that results in

Light & Love, a "minimalist home"

Light & Love, a “minimalist home”

Modern minimalist style house In recent years, simple and comfortable décor styles have become more and more popular, perhaps due to the comfort of the eyes. Color of nature And the gentle texture of the wood that enhances the living aesthetic. For this house, a minimalist concept is