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6 important points to understand Feng Shui

6 important points to understand Feng Shui

Learn the science of feng shui Correctly understood, not ignorant There must be a reason for good understand Feng Shui. This principle is the heart of any home idea. Bring information about Feng Shui to be publish on the website. To want the reader to know the reason to come to

"Japanese style home decoration"

“Japanese style home decoration”

Mirai House is the name of a house project that looks superficially like a house in Japan, but not. Because here it was built in Da Nang city Vietnam. It is design by a group of architects. Who have traveled to study and work in Japan for many

"Feng Shui Door of the House"

“Feng Shui Door of the House”

Arrange the area at the entrance to the house the good entrance is more than half the victory Feng Shui Door, the door is the most important aspect of getting good things into your home. It is the part that residents have to use and have to